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Data protection policy

The Urban Renewal and Development Company of Bogotá DC considers information as a public good of vital importance for the fulfillment of its public function and performance. In this sense, said information along with the technologies and means used for its processing, constitute the Entity's Information Assets, which must be protected, preserved, managed and protected against internal or external risks, either deliberate or accidental.

Therefore, Bogotá's Urban Renewal and Development Company is committed to the protection, preservation and assurance of confidentiality, integrity, availability, accessibility, legality, reliability and non-repudiation of information assets, throughout its life cycle, through its Risk Management, in the stages of implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

Likewise, the ERU has a commitment to strengthening the culture of Information security, in the public servers and the fulfillment of legal requirements related to it, all of this framed in the Integrated Management System of the Entity.

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